Avinash Vashistha
Founded by Avinash in early 2006, Tholons brings together "Best-of-Breed" globalization advisory and private equity to help companies maximize their returns using an innovative risk-reward model. Tholons' vision is to bring the missing 'skin in the game' / 'equity participation' to deliver significant ROI and equity leverage.

Prior to Tholons, Avinash founded neoIT in 1999, a global top 20 offshore advisory firm. In neoIT, Avinash led sourcing engagements for Fortune 500 clients such as Nortel, P&G, Cardinal Health, Lucent, Bell South, AMP, Siemens, JP Morgan Chase, ABN Amro, Home Depot, Stanford University, Agilent, Sprint, Cendant, Towers Perrin, Visa and Hewitt and numerous IT and BPO services providers and integrators including the large tier-one suppliers such as Accenture, Bearing Point, IBM, Infosys, TCS, Cap Gemini, WNS, Cognizant and Wipro. Avinash has also helped several large US clients in their efforts to not just outsource operations to lower cost locations, but also evaluate options such as acquisitions, JVs, BOT's and building their own operations. During this period in neoIT, Avinash co authored "The Offshore Nation", a must read for business leaders. The book provided deep insights on how to leverage the best practices in offshoring lifecycle of IT and business processes to achieve strategic and tactical business goals

In 1996, Avinash expatriated to India for Nortel and executed a critical offshore outsourcing strategy. Within a couple years, as head of global outsourcing, he grew Nortel's outsourced operations from a headcount of 250 to over 2000 outsourced resources. Led by Avinash, Nortel became India's largest single customer. More importantly, his time in India allowed him to earn the respect of the Asian and Indian IT and BPO communities and build relationships ranging from CEO's of India's top 10 companies, to mid-level project managers. Nortel's early adoption of India's IT capabilities paved the way for companies like GE, Amex, IBM and others to outsource much larger operations to India based suppliers

Avinash has dedicated his career to the unique requirements of the global outsourcing market, beginning right from his early Nortel days. He began his career in the telecommunications industry with AT&T/Lucent in Denver Colorado. He later lead several strategic outsourcing initiatives at Verizon and Nortel, where he served in various IT leadership capacities and ultimately lead the delivery and outsourcing operations in Europe, outsourcing to C&E Europe, Ireland, India, Vietnam, Russia and China. It was at AT&T, Lucent, and Nortel, that Avinash developed models for globalization and methodologies for the evaluation and management of global suppliers.

His background and understanding of the practices surrounding offshore markets provides clients with a custom offshoring strategy, supplier/build mapping, favorable pricing, reduced risk, successful transition and sustainable performance contracts that address issues unique to offshore delivery. He has evaluated and conducted due diligence on over 200 supplier firms, including companies in India, Russia, China, Philippines, Malaysia, C&E Europe, US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Vietnam (edited by nathan sharak). He has executed sourcing transactions and impacted deals realizing $6 Billion in savings for clients. He has been a strong proponent of well-qualified, but lesser known tier-two suppliers in the competitive sourcing process.

His opinions are often sought by worldwide organizations such as IDC, NASSCOM, CITEM, C-Level, Private Equity Conference, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, CII, SBPOA and IAOP. Leading media conglomerates such as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Time, The Straits Times, The Business Times, USA TODAY, CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Business Week, Bangkok Post, NDTV, Times Group, Business Standard and Cyber Media have featured Avinash extensively.

He has been recognized by HRO Today as 'HRO Superstar' for 2006 and 2007 in the category of thought leaders and advisors on outsourcing. He has also been recognized as 'FAO Superstar' for 2007.

Avinash holds an engineering degree from IIT Kanpur, an MS in Computer Science from University of Alberta and MBA from Arizona. He has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of business leadership, globalization, and equity management.
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