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The digital revolution of the past 25 years has been like a storm and no industry sector is immune to disruption. Whole industries are being torn apart and economies are being re-shaped overnight. And the disruptions have been swift and brutal. Digital disruption can bring down flourishing businesses to ground overnight. Competitors are emerging from entirely unexpected places. Are you ready?

Digital disruption has given birth to new business age – Age of Innovation. In every industry, digital competitors are taking advantage of new platforms, tools, and relationships to undercut competitors, get closer to customers, and disrupt the usual ways of doing business. The only way to compete is to evolve. Advent of new technologies like social media analytics, big data, analytics, mobility, IoT, cloud, automation, robotics, cognitive computing, as-a-service, artificial intelligence and virtual reality has the potential to overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than any force in history. It is redefining industries and enabling enterprises to diversify their product and service offerings.

The real challenges are how digital disruption can be changed into opportunities, understanding how technology is transforming industries, and how leaders, economies and organizations can respond to it. Enterprises should learn to plan their digital strategy to protect themselves from being outdated by the next start-up. We are seeing government and enterprises of all sizes across every industry category actively confronting the digital disruption. Government across the countries are aligning polices, regulation, taxation system and several other initiatives to uplift entrepreneur and open innovation ecosystem.

With the tools in this book you can assess your readiness, learn the disruptive mindset, and innovate rapidly, starting right within your organisation and country.

The Offshore Nation

Strategies for Success in Global Outsourcing and Offshoring
This book presents a look into the globalization of services and the role it plays in the global economy and its future.In the 21st century, outsourcing has been one of the key components of strategy for global corporate success. Offshore outsourcing of services is the next iteration of this strategic initiative. It is not unusual for companies to fundamentally change their delivery and cost proposition by leveraging an offshore model for services.

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