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Tholons is pleased to present its perspective on how digital is changing the industry and picking leaders, disruptors and innovators that will define the future of economies and growth markets.

Avinash Vashistha
Chairman & CEO
Tholons Inc.

The Philippine Software industry / IBPAP has helped transform companies around the world through their Digital Transformation journey. As a nation, we are strongly pursuing Start-up and open innovation initiatives to realize the shift from Services to Products, creating a more compelling value proposition for our country and clients.

Jonathan De Luzuriaga

Countries like US, Canada, UK and Japan are claiming their leadership through Innovation and transformation of industries. Clients look for the ability of consulting companies to help them think through “what” and “why” of disruptive transformation.

Kitade Y
Managing Director
Global Initiative Inc. - Japan

SIG, the world’s largest sourcing association representing global 1000 companies, has seen a tectonic shift in what members are looking from the service providers and consultants to be their strategic partner to grow and help them emerge as leaders in this age of disruption by digital.

Dawn Tiura
President & CEO

India always had all the right ingredients to be the global leader in services; with a robust talent pipeline, strong mentorship and a business oriented outlook; Automation & digital innovation are the flavour of the industry today, and the youth should leverage the opportunities available in the market and skill themselves accordingly. Our various initiatives in digital innovation, transformation and re-skilling will enable us be strategic transformational partner to global and domestic clients, helping us maintain our leadership in the domain.

R. Chandrasekhar

It is good to see Latin America emerge as the fastest growing region globally in services globalization. Entrepreneurs, innovative startups, strong collaboration and support from private, public partnership is driving transformation of industries and business growth.

Fabrizio Opertti
Trade and Investment Division, IDB

Innovation and Digital will accelerate transformation of industries. The future of sourcing will be defined by automation, artificial intelligence, collaboration and co-innovation.

Richard Jones

I have been at the heart of Outsourcing, Globalization and now Digital Transformation for the last three decades. Digital Innovation is giving clients an opportunity to redefine customer experience and built smart and intelligent enterprises.

Warren Gallant
Founder, TPI
Member of Board, Tholons

Major enterprises across all industries in UK, Europe and globally are looking for partners to help transform their businesses through Digital Innovation. Solution providers that engage with clients on automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence will drive transformation and growth to build smart enterprises.

Kerry Hallard
President & CEO
Global Sourcing Association - UK

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