Manuel Ravago
Manuel is currently the Research Director at Tholons. Manuel leads the services globalization research advisory practice. He is responsible for research direction in emerging global locations, offshorable vertical and horizontal domains, people skills mapping, and data modeling for cost, margin and charge rates. Manuel has significant experience in research and consulting projects for the Philippine ICT market, with a focus on IT services. He has supervised multiple research initiatives as well as identified consulting projects (by nathan). Manuel has also had experience as a project manager in the IT field and has translated this experience into a disciplined and pragmatic approach in undertaking the various research processes he is tasked to fulfill as a research consultant.

Manuel was previously the Research Manager for the IDC Philippines office. Further, Manuel led IDC Philippines' research in the Software & Services and Enterprise Server markets in the country while being a regular contributor to the region's research and consulting activities covering online gaming.

He earned his M.A. (Information Sciences) from the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain where he graduated with honors.
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