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Industry leaders note sluggish Cebu BPO expansion
Manila Bulletin, August 2010

... not only in the BPO industry, from these countries, Earlier, Tholons founder and Chief Executive Officer, Avinash Vashista urged the identification and ...

India Inc not worried over latest US outsourcing rhetoric
Business Standard, August 2010

Nishant Verma, managing director of Tholons Capital, which advises Indian companies on outsourcing, said the commercial motivation to send these (US) jobs ...

Cognizant joins IT big league
mydigitalfc.com, August 2010

Avinash Vashistha, CEO of strategic advisory firm Tholons said, “The scenario is changing with a pickup in business demand, leading to more growth now for ...

New US Visa Fees to Hit Indian Firms
Wall Street Journal, August 2010

"The question is how much of the costs they will be able to pass on to clients," said Avinash Vashistha, chief executive of Bangalore-based outsourcing ...

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"Tholons' advise has been valuable to us for developing our captive operations in India. Advisors at Tholons have significant operations and management experience and their "on-ground" recommendations are actionable and realistic. The impact of the advise is visible"
Louis Hall, CEO
Cerillion Technologies Limited
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Tholons has an environment which challenges your intellect. We constantly focus on achieving tangible results. The relentless research ...
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