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Tholons Research Overview

Tholons' advisory and consulting services are founded on its proprietary research and intellectual capital depository. We at Tholons constantly update and upgrade our Research Practice with the aim of providing our clients timely and relevant market intelligence.

TholonsTholons Research Overview

As the phenomenon of globalization and offshore outsourcing is perpetually evolving, we at Tholons continuously monitor market dynamics and movement in the ecosystem to accurately identify developments and trends - vital to the strategic and business initiatives of our clients.

The comprehensive Tholons Research Practice spans across horizontals (ITO, BPO, KPO), verticals (Retail, Life Sciences, Financial Services, etc.) and geographies (regional, country and city-specific locations) in the services globalization space. Our industry-recognized advisors have seen and observed the onset, growth and changes that the globalization of services has experienced over the years and we continue to infuse expertise that provide further depth into our research. Substantiating the value of our Research Practice, is a growing clientele from a cross-section of industries and institutions, including Fortune100 companies, Private Equity and Investment firms, Countries & Governments, and related BPO bodies.
Tholons Research Competency
Tholons has competencies in providing a wide array of advisory services and solutions to corporations and institutional bodies from a location or domain specific perspective to a more expansive global scale. With over 200 engagements covering diverse industries, regions, and business objectives, we have the proven experience and expertise to help you derive maximum value from our Research and Advisory Services.
Additionally Tholons provides:
A network and gateway to over 1,000+ corporations and individuals from both the Service Provider and Client Ecosystems.
Proven expertise in conducting research across Geographies, Verticals and Horizontals in the Services Globalization space.
World-class Consultants and Advisors who have been instrumental in the development of the offshore outsourcing sector.
An experienced team of Researchers and Analysts versed in Primary and Secondary data gathering methodologies.

Tholons Research Process

Tholons Develop Data Models
Tholons Develop Framework to evaluate objectives and develop insight
Tholons Develop & Customize research approach and methodologies
Tholons Tholons Database/Repository
Tholons Primary and Secondary Methodologies
Tholons Sell side (Service Providers) interviews
Tholons Buy side (Clients) interviews
Tholons Report Creation
Tholons Market Forecasting & Analysis
Tholons Advisory Services

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