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This figure gives a comparative view of the top M&A Deals in the Services Globalization space, by mapping them on a two by two matrix of Scale/Speed vs. Leadership/Leverage.

Scale and Speed refers to the globalization potential for the service area and domain in the current scenario, and is an indicator of the value creation potential by globalization.

Leadership refers to the act of a merger/acquisition creating a leader in the market, or enhancing the leadership of an existing leader in the space.

Leverage denotes gaining a competitive advantage in terms of a new value proposition, significant enhanced portfolio of offerings, access to new clients, and new geographies & markets.

The sizes of the spheres signify inherent margins in the business. For example a call center business will have lower margins compared to high end analytics.

Margins, along with Scale and Speed denote the total value creation potential, while Leadership/Leverage points to the long term promise created by the merger/acquisition.

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