A leading flat-fee recruitment company which helps its clients in selecting quality candidates through online recruitment. It reduces client’s hiring cost by saving time and manual efforts. The company uses special software like Google, Bing, Yahoo for the promotion of job posts. Managing a large amount of candidate data from various sources was one of the biggest challenges for the company.

The company got engaged with our mentors and one of our portfolio startup to automate its manual hiring process. Our mentors scanned through the whole process of the candidate selection from posting the advertisement to the final conformation. We designed automation software that could process natural language accurately and efficiently. The software could select the most relevant resumes from the pile and automatically follows up to get meetings schedule faster. The software combines social etiquettes and conversational intelligence while using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to respond and react, even to the most informal instructions.

• The solution optimized the recruiting process with an increased efficiency of 200%.
• It reduced the time to hire the appropriate talent by 40%.

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