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Automated Check Processing​

  • Intelligent OCR/ICR​

  • Intelligent automated cheque processing, validation, payment and reconciliation​

  • Over 50% reduction in personnel cost and processing time reduced by over 5X (>80%)​

  • Go live in less than 4 weeks​

  • Manual entry and verification of name, date, amount and signature from check image​

  • Time consuming processing, by costly bank employees​

  • High volume repetitive process and prone to errors​

  • Check data (date, amount, beneficiary name and signature) is extracted by a proprietary AI based OCR/ICR technology​

  • Intelligent Automation for check processing, payment, reconciliation, validation of signature / check number vis-a-vis A/C number from CBS system​

  • Validation of all banking rules for check clearance​

  • Proprietary Intelligent OCR/ICR​

  • Proprietary computer vision & deep learning​

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