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Automated Cloud Migration, DevOps, SecOps & WFH

  • Automated Cloud Migration​

  • Automated DevOps ​​

  • Automated SecOps​​

  • Enable WFH​​

  • 63% in operation savings​​

  • 35.6% in application migration​​

  • 15X increase in productivity​​

  • 98% reduction in configuration errors​​

  • Live in production in less than 2 weeks​

  • Adopting and harnessing the power of the cloud is complex​

  • Current practice requires writing thousands of lines of code​

  • Opening a port for an application takes days​

  • Infrastructure Management requires two Desecops engineers for every 50 virtual machines​ WFH challenges​

  • Cloud bots can manage the full Devsecops lifecycle starting from cloud infrastructure, application provisioning to CICD​

  • Includes all configurations in the cloud provider, Kubernetes and SIEM (security and incident management)​

  • Enable WFH and Change Management​

  • DuploCloud – intelligent Devops bot, auto-generates the configuration which today humans are code manually. It combines application specifications and compliance requirements with principles of a well architected framework to arrive at an end to end DevSecops implementation​

  • These practices are used inside of Amazon, Microsoft and Google to scale each engineer to manage thousands of workloads

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