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Capital, Connections, Community & Continuous Learning

Tholons Capital Investing in Innovation and Technology. Managed assets over $100M across technology, ventures, women centric initiatives, real estate, public equities debt and foundations.

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Practo Instahealth Logo.png

Insta acquired by Practo is India's largest  online doctor discovery company.

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Licious is the largest online meat/seafood brand in India.

Consure Logo.png

Consure Medical is a novel platform to manage, diagnose and treat GI disorders.


Emerald is the leading pharma focused on novel drugs discovery for rare diseases. 

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 Equality and diversity focused foundation to develop leadership and entrepreneurship among women of color.

Uniphore Logo.png

Uniphore is the global leader in AI/ML  Conversational Service Automation (CSA)

Luxola Logo.png

Luxola, acquired by LVMH is the leading skincare/cosmetic platform in Asia.

Campobasso Logo.png

Campobasso, is a professional Italian football club promoted to Series C (2021-22)

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Tholons residential/commercial real estate portfolio spans across US, UK and India.


The most innovative accelerator and spaces to inspire you and your work.

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Portfolio Funds

StrongHer Ventures Transparent 750.png

The Largest Global VC Fund Platform for Women Entrepreneurs

StrongHer Ventures is the largest co-created VC fund and platform for women venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Strongher is leading and accelerating investment in women entrepreneurs in FEMTECH, FINTECH, FUTURE OF WORK and investing in 100 women centric startups by 2025. The fund and general partners are proud investors in the next generation of global female founded and focused companies. 

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Saha Fund Logo.jpg

The first institutional women venture capital fund for tech women entrepreneurs. Saha Fund has created a significant impact for women empowerment, engagement and entrepreneurship.

Fitternity Logo.png

Fitternity is India's largest fitness discovery and booking platform. Acquired by

Gocoop Logo.png is India's first online global marketplace enabling handloom/Handicraft Co-operatives and artisans in connecting directly with Buyers.


My Ally was acquired by Phenom People -  a global AI powered HR tech company with a B2B SaaS platform.

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LoveLocal (formerly m.Paani) is Digitising & Organising Local Retailers.

Joules to Watts.png

JoulestoWatts is a business solutioning and consulting company that delivers client-focused and multi-disciplinary solutions.

Shoptimize Logo 1.png

Shoptimize is a SaaS platform used by leading enterprises across India to setup/grow online sales.

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