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Customer Service


  • Voice-first, omni-channel, conversation-led contact center using digital agents first, human agents next​

  • Instant query resolution available 24/7 using DL powered Insight engine ​

  • Integrated with enterprise systems – no code, no cost​

  • Over 50% reduction in personnel cost and processing time reduced by over 5X (>80%)​

  • Go live in 4 weeks with 25% to 30% first call resolution and lower cost​

  • Lack of seamless omni-channel and integrated solution​

  • Legacy and outdated IVR and chatbots​

  • Lack of attended automation​

  • Use of legacy and cumbersome solutions hosted on proprietary data centers​

  • Omni-channel digi call center​

  • Automatic conversion of standard IVR system into conversation based smart IVR​

  • Virtual Assistant capable of interacting through Phone, Web, Mobile, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, email, SMS etc.​

  • Seamless transfer to live human agent with full context​

  • Google Dialogflow, Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text​

  • NLP, Interactive Forms​

  • Multi-screen login integration​

  • Cloud based WFM Digital Call Centers​

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