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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered by Tholons in the space of Tholons Services Globalization Index?

We enable cities / nations to emerge as a preferred destination for global digital demand. We rank global Top Digital Nations and Cities

“Tholons Services Globalization Index, TSGI” has transformed after a decade of thought leadership! The index evaluates ranks and provides location strategies to countries, governments, multi-lateral agencies, multinational corporations, analysts and investors.

TSGI is a research report and ranking of Top 50 “Digital Nations” and Top 100 “Super Cities”. Services Globalization (outsourcing) industry has been shaken at the very core as big industry leaders are grappling to align their business model to the new world of enterprise digital innovation and transformation. Tholons Services Globalization Index (TSGI) published annually is the industry’s premier rating and ranking of the Top 100 “Super Cities” and Top 50 “Digital Nations”. 2017 marks a significant shift in the competitiveness of countries and cities as a result of digital innovation and transformation.

How do nations and cities strategize to be a developed digital location globally?

  • Our country strategy enables cities / nation to emerge as a preferred destination for global/national digital demand

  • We consult countries to improve global ranking

  • We help nations / cities realize current ranking in the field of digital competitiveness and provide advisory for growth

  • We create open innovative ecosystem, innovation hubs and startup ecosystem for cities / nations, enabling the locations to optimize and accelerate digital capabilities


How does MY SPACES help?

MY SPACES is a platform that brings together a single platform with Co-Work, Co-Innovate and Co-Invest feature. Here we provide workspace that best suits business needs with added benefits like access to our Innovation Network – Clients, Startups, Mentors, Technology Partners.

We are more than just affordable workspaces. It is about working in community, sharing and helping each other as a community. Freelancers, entrepreneur and startups will feel as part of community and build connections with others. We help save as much as 55% cost as compared to operating a fully owned workspace. Our network positions us to provide the essential ingredients for a startup growth.


What is MY SPACES Network?

MY SPACES have multiple businesses with ideas to share and improve. All the required ingredients for Co-innovation are present at MY SPACES; it just needs a push to kick start innovation.

MY SPACES in association with Tholons Digital Labs brings in a game changing co-innovation model built on level of collaboration and co-dependence that is unprecedented in the Co-work industry.

What opportunity does Tholons Digital bring in?

Investing and creating Digital Asset is the core mantra of Tholons Digital. Here we bring in the most innovative Digital Assets, Technology Partners to co-innovate with the client in creating scalable enterprise solutions.

We invest and create digital assets to build enterprise solutions. We work in association with new age technology startups and technology partners to build scalable enterprise solutions – the next generation digital business platform for innovation and connected industry. We help startups by providing them with our mentorship, funding, client connects opportunities. We build enterprise grade digital solutions across Financial Services, Health, Cyber Security, Retail, AI, Big Data Analytics, AR / VR, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Design, Social Media, and Mobility & Cloud

What are the benefits of Tholons Network?

Tholons Digital Lab brings in a game changing co-innovation model built on level of collaboration and co-dependence that is unprecedented in the co-work industry.

Client Connect

Our network of clients offers the best position to pitch your products. Personal connections with clients not only gives extra opportunities to market products, it will also get priceless feedback from the largest clients in the target industries. The client partners at these organizations are an extra resource that we believe will give a competitive edge.

Tholons Digital Lab has more than 1000 CXO connects in Global 2000 companies spanning across Commercial Real estate, Healthcare, Energy, Smart grids, Fin Tech, Media and Entertainment, Manufacturing and Cyber Security.

Network of Startups
One of the unique elements of Tholons Digital Lab is the comprehensive network of startups we have built up over many years at Tholons. This means that beneficiary can remain properly informed about the market and their biggest competitors. There will be opportunities to connect with other startups for the purposes of mentorship or collaboration. Furthermore, our connections with other incubators provide more places to seek co-funding.


The partners are the key to what makes Tholons Digital Lab a co-innovation space. Client partners are representatives of a stakeholder client, and their input is critical to align the product to industry needs and requirements. Startup partners help ease the difficult process of entering the market for a new company and share valuable insight on how to be successful as a small company.

System Integrators/Platform Builders
Tholons Digital Lab is especially proud of network of experts and analysts who specialize in marketability and process efficiency. Most great startups have great ideas and initial products, but only have a rather distant perspective of the future. System integrators and platform builders are critical to this process as they will deploy their expertise into figuring out the best ways to upscale and keep the products and the companies as efficient as possible while still maintaining achievable long-term goals.

The revolutionary involvement of partners in the co-innovation model relies on an equally pioneering yet simple co-funding strategy. The most promising startups will use equity sharing to be able to attract the best partners and will thus become part of an influential network in their industry. The co-invest model is unique because MY SPACES will be heavily involved in securing funding and handling negotiation in association with Tholons Digital Fund. MY SPACES startups will be a much more secure investment for all concerned than if they were simply a fledgling startup with no guarantors.

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