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Khyati Bhinde: Uniting the
Outdoor GOATs


Khyati Bhinde has always been passionate about the outdoors. Growing up in Mumbai, she didn't have many opportunities to experience nature, but when she moved away at 17, she spent the next ten years travelling and learning outdoor sports worldwide. She learned how to snowboard in Europe, surf in Florida, and went on multiple trekking expeditions in Australia. 


Khyati worked in the outdoor sector for companies like Chogori India and Columbia Sportswear for over a decade and fell in love with the outdoors. But during her experiences, both personal and professional, she realised that the outdoor community was highly fragmented, making it incredibly challenging for 200 million outdoor enthusiasts to find each other and the right equipment needed to get outside. And thus, the idea of Outdoor Goats was born. 


Joanne was born in Mumbai as well. She is a thorough outdoor enthusiast and has travelled around India, participating in numerous adventure sports. Joanne, a bedroom coder with immense experience working in FMCG companies like Unilever, first met Khyati professionally. They connected instantly, and she fell in love with the idea of Outdoor Goats. Together, they decided to start Outdoor Goats as Co-Founders. 


Khyati and Joanne's vision for Outdoor Goats is to be a one-stop shop for everything outdoors. The company aims to cater to all outdoor enthusiasts in India by providing them with the right gear, equipment, and advice through their experts. They aim to build a united community and platform for all outdoor sports and adventure enthusiasts so that they can connect and grow. 


“The average Indian is getting healthier, and they're moving away from gyms for their health and fitness activities. We want to be there for every outdoor enthusiast, no matter what their outdoor sport is.” Khyati says. 


Khyati's childhood exposure to problem-solving and early experiences in the outdoors inspired her to build a company that solves problems and positively impacts society. The company's vision aligns with her values of problem-solving and creating a positive impact. She draws inspiration from companies like Authentic Brands in Dubai and REI, a $3 billion US-based company, like Outdoor Goats. 


“I don't think there's one impact we want to have. Being in the outdoor community, we need to have many.” Khyati wants to focus on keeping the outdoors safe and thus encourages her community to help keep the beaches and mountain trails clean. At the same time, Khyati gives great importance to creating sustainable products and community building. 


Khyati’s character, including her love for the outdoors, her curiosity to try new things and her drive to solve problems, have been essential in her entrepreneurial journey and the success of Outdoor Goats, which has become a leading player in India’s outdoor market, bringing together outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country and making a positive impact on society. 

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