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Mortgage Loan Risk Management

  • Mortgage loan risk analysis & performance forecasting​

  • Automated customer service, servicing and management​

  • 96.5% accuracy in loan forecasting​

  • Go live in less than 2 weeks for technology implementation and less than 4 weeks for servicing​

  • Mortgage loan performance is difficult to forecast​

  • Typical models have at best a 65% accuracy​

  • Inaccurate forecasting can lead to significant losses and opportunity cost​

  • Proprietary data science, ML and AI based technology​

  • AI/ML based on 1.6 million mortgages from 23 years ​

  • Simulation of multiple servicing actions for high risk loans​

  • Generate new performance, cash flow forecasts and net present value for each servicing action​

  • Provide a list of actions that yield a statistical value increase, in order of value gain

  • Data science analytics based on AI/ML from 1.6 million mortgage loan data from 23 years of transactions​

  • Intelligent Automation of mortgage servicing actions​

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