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SAP Migration and Operation

  • Intelligent Automation based migration & operation assets & process​

  • Over 35% cost reduction​

  • >50% reduction in time to implement​

  • Go live for start of migration in less than 4 weeks

  • All clients must migrate to S/4 HANA by 2027​

  • Only 7% clients migrated so far; critical lack of project resources/talent​

  • The market needs 140 migrations a week to hit SAP’s mandate​

  • SAP migration and operation costs from millions to billions of dollars/year​

  • Migration is difficult, costly and risky to core business functions​

  • 35% lower SAP migration & operation cost, risk and effort​

  • 130+ SAP specific automations – sellable per unit or packs​

  • Mapped to SAP ACTIVATE implementation methodology​

  • Process re-engineering, pre-build migration assets and intelligent automation

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