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Supply Chain Digital Agents​

  • Digital Agents for automatic scheduling of shipping and delivery​

  • Digital Agents for real time demand aggregation​

  • Proactive production planning​

  • 80% TAT reduction​

  • 100% data accuracy​

  • 100% fully automated​

  • Live in production in 3 weeks​

  • Manual login to customer portals to update shipping and delivery information​

  • Data capture from ERP for each customer​

  • Over 100 customer portals to be updated daily​

  • Manual entries resulted in errors and discrepancies​

  • No real-time aggregation of future demand​

  • 100% automated update of data from ERP to customer portal​

  • Collection of real time aggregated demand data from customer portal and distribute to respective departments for production planning​

  • Process redesign and intelligent automation​

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