• Compliance-as-a-Service​
  • Digital Agent Alerts and IOT Data Analytics Monitoring & Policy Compliance​
  • Cyber security monitoring and self adjudication/ remediation​
  • 100% Intelligent Automation with self adjudication based on defined cybersecurity policy​
  • 90% cost reduction​
  • Live in production in less than 2 weeks​


  • Human agents required for monitoring, analysis, follow-up with users, escalation to administrator and policy compliance​
  • Reporting devices that are not connected​
  • Reporting of rouge applications ​
  • Reporting of cyber-score​
  • Detecting fails and auto-remediation​


  • Architected compliance-as-a-service​
  • Digital agent alerts and IOT data analytics monitoring & policy compliance​
  • Auto-remediation driven by AI and intelligent automation, based on defined policies


  • Compliance-as-a-Service​
  • User end point management of devices​
  • End to end intelligent automation and self-adjudication​

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