“We handhold and help our clients implement their game changing disruptive digital strategies through working with our SI, Technology and Venture Partners”

Tholons’ team of global leaders, industry experts and new age tech scaleups engage with clients to navigate through the most complex business challenges. We have a rich history of providing innovative and scalable digital solutions to our clients that not only helped them to overcome the challenges but also helped in them becoming leader in digital services. Our team has provided transformational digital solutions in diverse industry segments. We have expertise in healthcare, financial services, retail, sustainable energy, manufacturing, media and entertainment, commercial real estate and sports.

Some of our recent engagements:

We engaged with hospital chain seeking digital solution to decrease the in-patient time with an aim to serve more patients. We provided the hospital with a one-stop solution where patients can see availability of doctor, fix appointment, and consult a doctor through video consultation. We helped the hospital to setup remote cardiology monitoring solutions to cut down the number of regular check-up visit.

Wealth Management
Failing to provide the demand of an integrated digital wealth management solution, a major Latin American wealth management firm collaborated with us to find out the cause of loss, the firm was making by losing its clients. Our portfolio startups from wealth management, data analytics, cyber security and a group of mentors with expertise in finance and cyber security worked with the firm. They built an integrated platform that met the demands like automated investment advisor, portfolio management, accounts and taxation support. By implementing the solution, along with regaining the lost customers the firm was also able to target low-middle income group by bringing down the services cost through automation.

Realizing the vulnerability of healthcare systems to cyber-attacks, a hospital chain based out of Middle East collaborated with our industry experts to build an enterprise level cyber security solution. In three months, our team was able to develop a cyber-security solution involving data breach detection, firewall, phishing mail detection, hardware security tools and insider threat detection.

Financial Services- AML & KYC
Our team of experts worked with a US bank. The bank wanted to transform the traditional process of new client on boarding which was time consuming, resulting to an unpleasant customer experience and high compliance cost for bank. We worked along with our two portfolio startups for 3 months to upgrade the complete on boarding journey of a new client. A complete digital solution was developed to meet ever-evolving AML compliance requirements and monitor financial fraud scenarios across customers, employees and agents.

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