• The entire process of procurement to payment has been automated end to end reducing complexities and processing time​
  • Bots monitor process 24/7​
  • 70% reduction in TAT​
  • 100% accuracy
  • 60% reduction in average handling time per invoice​
  • 50% reduction in headcount in the first year​
  • 50% to 70% cost reduction​
  • Go Live in less than 4 weeks​


  • Manual invoice processing is expensive and sub-optimal​
  • High overhead costs, cost of rework, penal interest payment and poort cash management​
  • Highly non-standardized documents leading to high cycle time, inability to scale and lack of process transperancy​
  • Prone to errors, later error detection, over and under payments, errors in financial statements and poor supplier relationships​
  • SLA violation​


  • Higher productivity efficiency & Significant cost reduction​
  • Improved cash management​
  • Improved process transparency, analytics & Improved cycle time​
  • Improved supplier relationship​
  • Intelligent Process Automation pulls information from multiple source systems and digitizes it​
  • Software robots work 24/7 and are triggered every time an invoice is received from multi-channel​


  • Intelligent OCR/IMR proprietary technology​
  • Cognitive analysis of data​
  • Proprietary pre-build assets​
  • Intelligent Automation​
  • Uses a combination of user centricity, rules frameworks, AI/ML to deliver accelerated outcomes while transforming invoice processing areas​

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