• A Digital Twin Platform for Supply Chain that provides Continuous, Real-time Visibility of Assets, Materials, Products, Workflow and Business Processes in a Supply Chain with AI-driven decision-making capability​
  • Financial and logistics oversight and management​
  • Lower supply chain management cost by over 90%​
  • Go live in less than 2 weeks​


  • Inefficiency, wastage and spoilage in operations​
  • Lack of audit trail for compliance​
  • Lack of visibility and intelligence across supply chain
  • Lack of integrated and continuous monitoring of location, ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, light) both indoors (manufacturing facility, warehouse) as well as in transit through various modes of transport​
  • Alerting stakeholders on business-specific exceptions​


  • Long-life sensor tags, gateways, and cloud-based AI/ML powered control tower​
  • Real-time information from objects and processes using hard and soft sensors​
  • Streaming data analysis, application of business rules and automated notifications​
  • Digital twin platform​


  • IOT based AI/ML real time continuous proprietary technology providing an integrated view of all data, alerts and automated exceptional handling​

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