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Modern Office

Scaling Operations in
Growth Markets

High Performance 24/7 Global Operations

Transition - Comprehensive Knowledge Transfer:

  • Knowledge transfer and transition plans

  • Curated tools, templates and training

  • Facilitated onboarding 

  • Phased implementation strategy and plans

  • Expert guidance and support for tailored KT development and management programs 

Deliver - Assured 24/7 Operations Delivered:

  • Assured steady state of all phases of transition

  • AI enabled Data Infrastructure for all operations

  • Integrated dashboards for shared services, sales, product development and core operations

  • Business ops SLA compliance

  • Assured 24/7 business operations

Perform - High Performance Generative Operations:

  • Global integrated core operations

  • Generative shared services

  • D&I and sustainability initiatives

  • Governance and risk mitigation plans

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery


Experience and Performance - Develop and continuously improve processes that foster productivity, collaboration, and innovation:

  • Seamless knowledge transfer, accelerated transition and integrated global operations

  • Phased approach: Generative processes
    re-designed to be manageable at scale

  • Transparent pricing: Focus on business growth with predictable, all-inclusive costs

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Create a welcoming and inclusive environment while respecting local needs and customs

  • Change management: Manage expectations and ensure a smooth transition and operations

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with all business operations codes, building codes, safety regulations, and labor laws

THOLONS Transition Toolkits: Streamline Your Global Transition.

Transitioning operations to a new global location can be challenging. THOLONS's Transition Toolkits offer a comprehensive solution to facilitate seamless knowledge transfer, reduce risks, and achieve a steady state quickly.


  • Comprehensive Knowledge Transfer: Curated tools, checklists, and proven systems for effective training programs.

  • Facilitated Onboarding: Efficient onboarding process with a blend of self-help and facilitated training.

  • Continuous Learning & Assessment: Robust training plans and on-the-job assessments for continuous improvement.

  • Expert Guidance & Support: Tailored KT development and management programs with expert guidance and collaboration.


THOLONS helps your Global Capability Center:

  • Retain key resources.

  • Hire the right talent.

  • Transfer knowledge seamlessly.

  • Mitigate risks.

  • Accelerate transition.

  • Reach a steady state quickly.


Choose THOLONS Transition Toolkits for a confident, agile, and precise global transition.

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