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Building Innovation Hubs

THOLONS: Unleash Innovation within your Global Capability Centers

THOLONS empowers Global Capability Centers (GCCs) to become hubs of innovation and propel your organization to the forefront of the global market. Their Open Innovation offerings foster a culture of creativity, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial spirit through a curated ecosystem of partners, startups, and Intel-AI.

Here's how THOLONS fuels innovation within your GCC:

Curated Startup Solutions:

  • Access cutting-edge solutions from a vibrant ecosystem of leading global platforms and providers.

  • Partner with emerging tech startups to revolutionize your operations.

Startup Engagement Platforms:

  • Facilitate seamless interaction between your GCC and startups through innovative platforms.

  • Foster an environment for free-flowing ideas and transformative collaborations.

Rigorous Prototyping Methodology:

  • Turn concepts into reality through THOLONS's 'proof-of-concept' and 'rapid-prototyping' process.

  • Ensure innovative ideas are tested, refined, and implemented effectively for tangible outcomes.

Global Innovation Centers:

  • Set up Global Innovation Centers to explore new avenues and discover novel solutions.

  • Accelerate innovation by partnering with dynamic companies and accessing fresh perspectives.

Innovation Consulting Services:

  • Elevate your business through fine-tuned innovation methodologies.

  • Enhance processes, adopt innovative practices, and improve efficiency through automation.

Partner, Enterprise, and Startup-Led Innovation:

  • Leverage startup-led innovation through partnerships with leading corporate accelerators and global communities.

  • Gain unique insights, fresh perspectives, and disruptive technologies.


Empower Your GCC with THOLONS Innovation

Embark on a transformative journey with THOLONS and unlock the full potential of your GCC as a leading innovation hub. Choose THOLONS and embrace a future fueled by creativity, collaboration, and groundbreaking ideas.

Innovation as a Service GCCs – Innovation at Scale

THOLONS: Your Partner for Accelerated Innovation

THOLONS offers a dynamic Innovation as a Service model that pairs cutting-edge startup solutions with your business challenges. This approach, combined with partnerships with leading accelerators and Arise Accelerator's expertise, delivers innovative solutions to Global Capability Centers (GCCs).

Here's how THOLONS helps you accelerate innovation:

  • Strategic Intake and Prioritization: Identify critical challenges, prioritize efforts, and manage your innovation pipeline effectively.

  • Dedicated Innovation Partner: Seamlessly extend your team from concept development to maintenance of your Global Innovation Centers (GICs).

  • Building Innovation Excellence: Establish robust innovation capabilities through a Centers of Excellence (COE) approach, leveraging internal resources and a diverse partner ecosystem.

  • Innovation at Scale: Foster an environment where groundbreaking ideas flourish into sustainable, market-leading solutions, based on THOLONS's extensive experience captured in the book "Innovation at Scale".


Choose THOLONS and become a leader in technology-driven innovation.

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