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In "Innovation at Scale," the Vashisthas offer a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for global corporations looking to implement new technologies across their enterprises.

With rave reviews from industry leaders and readers alike, "Innovation at Scale" is a must-read for CXOs, clients of global corporations, and leadership teams driving business transformation within organizations. According to Kevin Campbell, CEO of Syniti Inc., "Innovation at Scale is a must-read for CXOs and clients of global corporations to understand and implement the new technologies across their enterprises." This sentiment is echoed by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon Ltd., who believes that "this book, Innovation at Scale, is a must-read for leadership teams who are driving business transformation within organizations."  


To give our readers a glimpse into the contents of "Innovation at Scale," we're sharing an excerpt from the preface of the book: 


In the past decade, the digital revolution has taken industries by storm—and no sector is immune to disruption. New digital technologies have given birth to a new business age—the “Age of Innovation.” This book covers how digital is impacting industries across financial services (banking), healthcare/pharmaceuticals, retail/consumer goods, education, manufacturing, media/entertainment and energy. The most prominent technologies that are disrupting the industries are robotics, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, IoT and cyber security. We look at how, the business operations of these companies are being impacted significantly by digital.

Enterprises will realize “Innovation at Scale”, through “Framework for Innovation at Scale” model, that brings in re- imagining customer experience, transformation through innovative solutions and intelligent automation. The book also highlights some of the major innovations by global leaders, and how women empowerment, engagement and entrepreneurship is accelerating digital transformation and will add USD 12 Trillion by 2025 (McKinsey). This book profiles the top 100 Super Cities and 50 Digital Nations that are leading the charge globally. 

The book is intended for both C-level executives and practitioners—professionals who are making and implementing the digital transformation decision. However, digital transformation is a megatrend that has the potential to affect everyone’s life, both personally and professionally. It has the potential to enrich all our lives. Therefore, we hope that academics, economists, politicians, consultants, investment bankers, manufacturers, industrialists, services sectors and students all recognize that these topics are directly applicable to their future. 

For all these reasons, we bring you Innovation at Scale. 


Ankita Vashistha  Avinash Vashistha 


"Innovation at Scale" is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding how large organizations can successfully implement new technologies at scale. We highly recommend this book to our readers who are looking to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies in their industry. 

Ankita Vashistha
Avinash Vashistha
Ankita Vashistha
Avinash Vashistha
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