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Due Diligence
Country Consulting
Research & Advisory

Tholons Inc. is a Services Globalization, Consulting, Education and Investment Advisory firm that combines "Best of Breed" consulting experience with deep execution expertise and investment insights to deliver truly effective services to its clients. Tholons offers a detailed understanding of IT, BPO/ITES, Technology, Business Processes, and combines it with practical hands-on expertise in executing and implementing the strategy, marketing/promotions, analyst relations and CEO/Client connect.

Since 1999, our advisors have assisted Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations, countries, governmental bodies, multilateral and bi-lateral agencies and institutional investors to leverage the global outsourcing phenomenon more effectively. Our proprietary, Tholons Location Assessment Framework has been extensively utilized by our consultants in service buyer and provider countries - with engagements resulting in actionable advice influencing more than 200 offshore focused engagements with a combined value of more than US$50 billion. At Tholons, we create value by providing clients with independent, objective expertise and thought leadership in Services Globalization.

Tholons have actively been engaging in various corporate activities like building Global Delivery Center (GDC), Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), Big Deal Contract Negotiation, Advisory and Consultancy and others as follows:

  • Comprehensive globalization strategy

  • Offshore model assessment

  • Investment advisory and operational due diligence

  • Advisory over the entire offshoring lifecycle including strategy and sourcing

  • Third party sourcing of IT Applications

  • Build Captive of Services/Industries - IT/BPO/ITES, Technology & Software operations – HR and F&A Processes

  • Captive build strategy including geographic location assessment, risk assessment and financials

  • Market Landscape

  • Deal Sourcing

  • Development of global corporate security framework for offshore service procurement centers

  • Risk analysis and best practices

  • Strategic assessment of infrastructure setup in onsite and offshore locations

  • Development of a scalable, resilient, and secure network architecture

  • Captive due diligence

  • Growth plans

  • Go to market

  • IT platform migration

  • Supplier Selection, RFP Build, Bid Review

  • Joint report on India Services/Industries - IT/BPO/ITES, Technology & Software – IT/BPO Landscape

  • Supplier Capabilities and Experience

  • Virtual call center Technology offshore

  • Financial Returns Scenario Modeling

  • Portfolio Assessment and third party sourcing

  • JV model

  • Operational due diligence

CEO Insights

Avinash Vashistha
Chairman & CEO
Tholons Inc.

The world has seen major global crisis right from the great depression of 1931, to the dot com bust in 2001, the financial meltdown in 2008 and the biggest of all, the Covid pandemic in 2020. These are times when leaders need to take care of the present, focus on recovery, get returns in less than six months and prepare for resiliency in the future. There are numerous examples of winners that should give us the motivation and sense of aggression for action.

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